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100kw maglev turbo blower

400kw maglev turbo blower

Esurging maglev blower is developed by Emaging 5-DOF active magnetic bearing and high-speed permanent magnet synchronous motor and the world's leading turbo mechanical technology.

The blower is directly connected by high-speed permanent magnet synchronous motor and high-efficiency three-dimensional flow impeller, which is characterized by no contact, no friction and no lubricant, completely eliminating transmission loss; the impeller is made of high-strength aluminum / titanium alloy, tested by 100% X-ray inspection and 115% over speed test to ensure efficient and reliable operation; the blower realizes intelligent control of frequency conversion, which can realize local and remote control; the whole machine adopts skid mounted mechanism, compact structure and easy installation.

Esurging has 8 series of maglev blower products, namely YG75, YG100, YG150, YG200, YG300, YG400, YG700 and YG1000, having passed the inspection of the national authority, selected into the catalogue of energy-saving mechanical and electrical products of the Ministry of industry and information technology and awarded as "energy efficiency star". The scientific and technological achievements have been appraised by the Ministry of industry and information technology as "international leading".

Esurging maglev blower, whose noise level is below 80dB, can save more than 30% of energy compared with conventional one. It is an energy-saving and environmental protection product with intelligent control and maintenance free, which has been widely used in more than 30 provinces in China.

Working Principle

Air enters the three-dimensional flow impeller directly driven by maglev high-speed permanent magnet motor. Driven by the high-speed rotating impeller, kinetic energy and pressure potential energy are generated. Part of the kinetic energy is converted into pressure potential energy in the diffuser and volute channel, changing the flow direction, and finally enters the pipe network through the exhaust pipe.

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