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Esurging has 8 series of maglev blower products, namely YG75, YG100, YG150, YG200, YG300, YG400, YG700 and YG1000, which can be widely used in municipal sewage, landfill leachate, electronic crystal plate, biopharmaceutical, coal coking chemical industry, paper pulp, food fermentation, and desulfurization and oxidation industries. Compared with conventional blower, Esurging maglev blower can save more than 30% of the power, and has the characteristics of low noise, intelligent control and maintenance free.Esurging offers absolute advantages in equipment performance and operation efficiency. Compared with similar foreign products, it not only offers high cost performance, but also the advantage of quick response after-sales service.

As an aeration blower, it can meet the aeration needs of various domestic sewage and industrial wastewater treatment plants from thousands to hundreds of thousands of tons.

As oxidation blower, it can meet the desulfurization needs of all kinds of thermal power plants.

It can also meet the needs of air blowing and air supply of various industrial production lines.


1. The above flow refers to the inlet flow of a single blower at 1atm and 20 .

2. The flow regulation range of each model is 45-100% under rated pressure.

3. Due to different working conditions on site, please consult our professional technical personnel for specific model selection.

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