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Six “High” and Two “Low” - ESURGING Maglev Turbo Air Compressor

Date:2022-05-20 Source:亿昇科技

ESURGING maglev turbo air compressor adopts own-patented active magnetic bearing, maglev high-speed PM motor, high-frequency vector type inverter and high-efficiency fluid machinery technology. It is distinguished by high energy efficiency, high quality, high safety, high adaptability, high intelligence, high strength, low noise and low cost.

High energy efficiency

High-frequency vector type inverter: independent research and development, efficiency up to 97%;

high-speed PM motor: independent research and development, efficiency could reach IE4 super high-efficiency motor standard

Rotor: carbon fiber coating to reduce motor energy loss

Three-dimensional flow impeller: ultimate aerodynamic efficiency

The impeller is directly driven by the motor, eliminating transmission loss.

Optimized design helps improve machine efficiency.

High quality

High-frequency vector inverters with carriers up to 16kHz easily drive high-speed motors.

Five-degree freedom magnetic bearing cooperates with EMAGING maglev control technology which does 10000 times of signal collection per second and real-time correction, ensuring stable operation of the air compressor system.

Overspeed test and high-speed dynamic balance test have been done to ensure the impeller strength.

ESURGING maglev turbo air compressor adopts various core technologies to fully guarantee its quality.

High safety

The automatic power generation system could protect the bearing in case of unexpected power failure.

Ceramic auxiliary bearings ensure the bearing safety in extreme situations.

Sensors real-time monitoring, surge prediction and various anti-surge functions ensure the machine's safe, stable and long-time operation.

High adaptability

Vector control technology monitors motor speed and position in real time and makes corrections in time on the occasion of working condition changes.

Three-dimensional pneumatic design with a full load and partial load performance widens the scope of adjustable range.

Double filter system whose filter standard is up to F6 meets the harsh requirements of users on working conditions.

High intelligence

Motor and controller parameters could be automatically identified, significantly reducing debug difficulty and workload.

The machine not only is equipped with the Internet of Things to monitor parameters and states of the machine but also could be connected to the customersmain control machine, which realizes human-computer interaction and real-time data interconnection and makes the operation state much easier to check.

High strength

Magnetic bearing, high-speed PM motor, high-frequency vector type inverter, three-dimensional flow impeller and so forth are independently designed, researched, developed and manufactured by EMAGING group.

ESURGING maglev product portfolios such as maglev turbo blowers and maglev turbo vacuum pumps have been successfully applied in various fields and are highly praised.

EMAGING group has three R&D centers, two production bases and operation and maintenance services covering the whole country to ensure the safe operation of machines throughout the life cycle.

Low noise

Maglev bearing is oil-free and frictionless, eliminating mechanical transmission noise.

Thanks to self-balancing technology, bearing vibration and noise could be effectively reduced.

The machine is with fully sealed and sound-muffling housing, thus the noise at 1 meter is about 75dB, human-friendly and eco-friendly.

Low cost

The air compressor features oil-free, maintenance-free, high efficiency and energy conservation, lowering use costs.

Customers could have  1-2 years of cost payback and continuous low runtime cost.

The machine is housed in an enclosure to reduce installation and handling costs.

The service life is up to 20 years and core components dont need replacing.

ESURGING will continue to adhere to the customer-centric development concept, reduce customer operating costs, improve customer experience, and provide customers with stable and oil-free air compressors.