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ESURGING Makes Life Better

Date:2022-05-09 Source:亿昇科技

In the morning

A cup of milk

Some slices of bread

Make us energetic

Wipe our mouths with tissues

Either our life or work

Is full of warmth and happiness.

In the evening,

Gather with several friends

To barbecue, drink and chat

How cozy and pleasant!

Do you know

All of these beautiful things

Owe a great deal to technologies


Makes life better!

One of the Top 5 dairy companies

Yili Group

Yili Group is not only one of the top 5 dairy companies in the world, which has been the top 1 dairy company in Asia for eight consecutive years; but also the largest dairy company with the most complete product category in China. Till 2021, 23 sub-companies of the Yili group have been recognized as green factoriesby MIIT.

In Yili inner Mongolia project, ESURGING maglev turbo blower, distinguished by energy conservation and environmental friendly, replaced the original roots blower, whereby energy has been saved by over 30% and cost has been reduced.

No.1 in Asia and No.3 in the world

Angel Yeast

As one of the leading companies in the worldwide yeast industry and holding the development idea of environment protection is also a competitive power, Angel Yeast is committed to being an energy saving and eco-friendlycompany.

By virtue of extraordinary performance, ESURGING blowers win the favor of Angel Yeast. ESURGING blowers have been applied in many projects of Angel Yeast to replace roots blowers in the fermentation process, thus energy has been saved by more than 30% and electric bills and operation costs have been saved by almost 2 million Yuan each year.

One of the first household tissue enterprises listed on China A share market

C&S Paper Co., Ltd.

As one of the first household tissue enterprises listed on the China A share market, C&S has always practiced a green and sustainable development approach of "pursuing green benefits and fulfilling social responsibilities". It has successively introduced advanced papermaking and fully automated equipment, and adopted advanced environmental protection and safety technology to ensure the good quality of each product.

ESURGING solutions, featuring high quality, intelligence, and energy conservation, are highly recognized by C&S amid its reconstruction. ESURGING maglev turbo vacuum pumps have been used in the vacuum dehydration system of the paper machine and post-processing system for toilet paper, helping our customers to lower costs and save energy by 58.6%.

One of the largest beer groups in China

Yanjing Beer

As one of the largest beer groups in China, Yanjing Beer is always committed to innovation and green production, to upgrading technology and equipment, and to facilitating energy conservation and environmental protection.

Yanjing Beer replaced multiple-stage centrifugal blowers with ESURGING YG100 and YG150 maglev turbo blowers which satisfy the requirements of working conditions and technology. The two ESURGING maglev turbo blowers run stably and are with lower noise and significant energy saving effect: energy saving rate is up to 21.23% and 31.4% accordingly.

One of the four famous vinegar companies in China

Hengshun Vinegar

Hengshun Vinegar, one of the four famous vinegar companies in China, is specialized in production and sales of conventional brewing condiments (such as vinegar, soy sauce, and pickled vegetables) modern compound condiments, and vinegar health care products.

ESURGING maglev turbo blowers used in Hengshun Vinegar are characterized by more stable operation and more energy-saving. ESUGING strictly controls each key points including transportation, delivery, installation, debugging, operation, and so forth and shows its professional service amid the reconstruction, which is highly appraised by Hengshun Vinegar.

ESURGING, holding the idea of maglev technology changing our life, is dedicated to further studying in maglev fluid machinery field, to improving R&D and innovation capacity, and to providing customers with more energy-saving and highly efficient products and solutions.

ESURGING makes life better.