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Esurging maglev turbo air compressor is developed by Emaging 5-DOF active magnetic bearing and high-speed permanent magnet synchronous motor and the world's leading turbo mechanical technology.

The maglev turbo air compressor, directly connected by high-speed permanent magnet synchronous motor and high-efficiency three-dimensional flow impeller, is characterized by no contact, no friction and no lubricant, completely eliminating transmission loss, and providing food grade compressed air.

The impeller is made of titanium alloy, having been tested by 100% X-ray and 115% over speed to ensure efficient and reliable operation.

The air compressor realizes intelligent control of frequency conversion, which can realize the local and remote control; the whole machine adopts the integrated skid structure, with compact layout and easy installation.

Working Principle

Air enters the three-dimensional flow impeller directly driven by maglev high-speed permanent magnet motor; driven by the high-speed rotating impeller, it generates kinetic energy and pressure potential energy, and part of kinetic energy is converted into pressure potential energy in the diffuser and volute channel. Air, after flow direction changing, enters the intercooler, and after heat exchange, the compressed air enters the secondary compression so as to achieve isothermal compression and improve heat efficiency to meet various needs of working conditions.