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Performance Parameter

Note: data in the above table signifies parameters under standard working condition. Please consult professionals for specific model selection.

【 Features and Advantages】
1. Advanced structure
Advanced pneumatic design, flow analysis, active vibration suppression of magnetic bearing and rotor ensure high efficiency and low noise of the unit, save more electric energy for users, better protect the air compressor, and realize remote monitoring.
2. Easy installation
The whole unit is skid mounted with compact structure ensuring small area requirement and easy installation.
3. Intelligent
The equipment can be connected with the user's main control computer to realize joint control with the system of compressor bearing temperature/ axis track/ motor winding temperature, etc.
4. Reliable operation
Domestic leading design level, a number of patent technologies(ZL201721332831.4;ZL201721912037.7), many years of experiment and manufacturing experience, stable and reliable operation, easy maintenance.